Working with others


Working with others

Host events with others in your organization.

Schedule meetings with multiple hosts

Use Calendly to book events that involve multiple members such as:

  • round robin events, where invitees book with any available host based on the criteria you set. These are good for groups that rotate hosts, such as sales teams.

  • collective events with two or more co-hosts. These help ensure that everyone is available at the same time, such as a candidate interviews.

  • group events, where multiple invitees book the same event, such as webinars.

Multi-person scheduling

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Share event types and booking pages with a team

To save time setting up and managing events and standardize how they're set up, share event types and booking pages with your team.

You can be a member of multiple teams and keep your personal Calendly event types. You'll see both types of events on your Calendly Home and Scheduled Events pages.

For each team you participate in, you'll share a team landing page where invitees view and book team events. You'll still have your personal landing page where invitees can book only with you.

Setting up and managing a team

Manage billing for your entire organization

As an account admin, you can control who joins your organization, who's removed, and who has permission to also manage your organization. You can also manage each user’s subscription and take advantage of:

  • Centralized billing, make one easy payment for all team members

  • Team and cross-team features, that distribute events round robin and let invitees meet with multiple members of your organization

  • Save time and standardize how the organization's events are configured

  • View team, event, and member activity reports

Managing Calendly subscriptions for an organization (for admins only)

Getting started

Get access to these great features and onboard your entire organization using our guides. We'll walk you through how to:

  • set up and prepare your account

  • onboard members of your organization

  • schedule meetings with multiple members

  • track member activity

  • manage member permissions and subscriptions

Calendly for your company: getting started