Tracking your organization's use

Calendly has many options for you to track your organization's use. From compiling reports to utilizing and tracking UTM parameters, you can use these tools to keep an eye on your organization's activity within Calendly.

See who in your organization still needs to onboard

You can see who has accepted the invitation to join the organization and who is still pending. You can even download a spreadsheet of every pending member in your organization to send a bulk email reminder.

Once members have accepted the invitation to join, you can download a spreadsheet of active users to see which members of your organization have yet to connect their calendar.

Pull usage reports

You can see how many of your member’s meetings are booked, are pending, or have already happened by exporting scheduled event details.

If your members are using shared event types or are booking meetings within a team, you can pull an activity report for a specific team or shared event type to see meetings booked for each member within a given time period. The activity report also lists how many meetings were booked in total and per month.

Tracking conversions

Many organizations successfully track conversions by using our Google AnalyticsFacebook Pixel integrations, or by redirecting invitees to an external site after scheduling.

If you are have a paid Premium or Pro Calendly subscription, you can track conversions by adding UTM (Urchin tracking module) parameters to your scheduling links.

Using these customized links will allow you to see what sources are driving the most scheduling traffic. Once an event is scheduled by an invitee who followed the unique link, Calendly tracks the parameters you set.