Tips for fine-tuning your availability

Control when invitees can book with you

When you set up Calendly, you probably specified your working hours. You can change your working hours at any time and limit the hours you're available for each type of event you offer. 

Specify when you're available or unavailable for:

  • one specific day,

  • a day of the week,

  • a limited period of time, or

  • indefinitely.

For example:

  • teachers may want to offer conferences only after 5 o'clock and set their availability for 5:00 to 7:00 pm for that type of event

  • consultants may only offer initial consultations for new clients on Tuesday mornings and sessions with existing clients on other days

  • sales people may not want to offer sales appointments after 4pm so they can do paperwork (even though their working hours end at 5pm)


  • Calendly uses the working hours you specify when you set up your account for the first 3 types of events you define. For subsequent event types, just specify your working hours.

  • If you use Google calendar, set your working hours in Calendly (we don't use Google’s settings).

Connect additional calendars

If you use 2 or more calendars, for example work and personal calendars, connect additional calendars so Calendly has a more accurate view of your commitments. If you have a free Basic Calendly subscription, upgrade to the:

  • Premium plan to connect 2 calendars,

  • Pro plan plan to connect up to 6.

Although Calendly sees your schedule on multiple calendars, we only add events to one calendar that you designate.

Add time to prepare and wrap up (buffers)

For events you book using Calendly, block out time (add buffers) before and after events booked to give you time to prepare or wrap up. To avoid limiting the time guests can book with you, we recommend that you only add a buffer before or after events, not both.