Setting up and managing a team

If you have a paid Premium or Pro Calendly subscription, you can set up a team account.

You'll become the account owner and can view and manage the team account's billing and subscription, add other members. To share administrative tasks, designate one or more other team members to be administrators who can:

  • create additional teams

  • add and remove team members

  • create team event types

  • monitor team and individual members' events

  • designate team managers (who create and delete scheduled team events and event types but not manage members)

Enhance the team's experience

Customize the team's:

  • Name that appears on the team's landing page and in other places to identify shared team events

  • Landing page link, e.g

  • Welcome message that appears on the team's landing page

  • Avatar, the image you use to brand the team landing and event scheduling pages

  • Time zone the default time zone used on booking pages (team members can override this setting)

Use templates to standardize team event types

Each member can use the event types as a starting point and can edit it as needed. Note that editing the event template will only affect event types assigned from that point on. Create templates from scratch or use an existing event type to create them.

Monitor your team's activity

Team administrators, managers, and account owners can run activity reports that show how many meetings are being booked by even type and team member (in total or within time frame).

Manage one subscription for the entire team

Your entire team's billing is managed centrally and you make one easy payment to cover all team members' subscriptions. You can set up one or more teams.

If you don't already have a team account or need to add additional paid seats, you can do so as you set up your team.