Setting up and managing a team


Working with teams

To set up an account for your organization, you’ll need a paid Premium or Pro Calendly subscription. Once you invite at least one team member to your account, you’ll become the account owner and can then designate other members within your organization to be administrators for the organization who can:

  • add and remove members

  • designate team managers

  • create team event types

  • create team pages that contain team event types

  • monitor the account and individual member's scheduled events

Use team pages to organize and manage team events

When you create team pages, you also get a unique team scheduling page and link. Admins and team managers can create, view, and delete all scheduled team events and event types. 

To set up a team page, follow these steps:

  1. How to create a team

  2. How to add or remove team members

  3. How to assign a team manager