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Calendly aligns with your sales efforts and helps to eliminate drop-off

Whether you focus on inbound selling, lead distribution, email campaign development or all of the above, connect with your current platforms so you and your reps can spend time in the tools you use most.

Use these proven pro tips to shorten the sales cycle

  1. Convert interested prospects to scheduled leads from your marketing campaigns. Use Calendly as the call-to-action in campaigns to empower prospects to schedule with a sales rep and learn more about your offering.

  2. Turn website visitors into scheduled meetings. Once a prospect completes your inquiry form, automatically direct them to your Calendly scheduling site so they can schedule at the height of their interest.

  3. Automate lead distribution. Want to get your prospect in touch with a rep even faster in a way that aligns with your lead distribution model? Use Calendly’s round robin scheduling to automatically route leads based on priority, availability, or distribute opportunities equally amongst reps.

    See: How to set up an event type that automatically assigns a host (round robin)

  4. Offer scheduling options to your prospect. Showcase multiple meeting types with team pages organized by rep, product, territory, or duration, and give prospects the power to select which one pertains to them. Want to make it even easier for prospects to schedule? Add Calendly scheduling to your site.

    Setting up and managing a teamSetting up and managing a team
    Adding Calendly to your website

  5. All reps in the right meetings. Use collective scheduling to include all necessary team members in one meeting, like an SDR and AE, or AE and sales engineer.

    See: How to set up an event type with multiple hosts (collective)

  6. Offer white-glove service for top prospects. Add Calendly for Chrome to your web browser to quickly schedule high-priority clients or last-minute meetings.

    See: Adding Calendly to your web browser

  7. Eliminate data entry. Integrate with Salesforce, GoToMeeting, and other tools to let your reps use their favorite tools.

    See: Integrating Calendly with other applications

  8. Measure campaign conversions. Use our Google Analytics integration to track conversions throughout the scheduling process and determine when invitees visit your scheduling pages.

    See: How to integrate Google Analytics with Calendly

  9. Streamline reporting to identify how your team spends time. Unlock even more powerful reporting capabilities with our Salesforce integration.

    Tracking your organization's use
    Integrating Calendly with other applications