Release notes

May 2021


Enhance account security and provision and deprovision Calendly users with SAML SSO and SCIM. With an Enterprise subscription, enable SAML SSO for quick and secure sign ins for everyone in your organization. Use SCIM to onboard users through your IdP with ease.

See Setting up SAML SSO (single sign-on) and SCIM for your organization .

Reconfirm invitees' attendance with Workflows

Better ensure your invitees will come to your events by using Workflows. Now hosts can send automatic messages to invitees asking to reconfirm they will attend a scheduled event. These can be text or email messages created through Workflows. Invitees can reply and event hosts will be kept up-to-date in their Scheduled Events.

Send workflow emails using your Gmail account

Give your invitees a more personal experience by sending workflow emails through your Gmail account. Your invitees will know the messages are coming from you instead of “” Emails will appear in your “Sent” folder, and invitees can respond to you directly. All you have to do is connect to your Gmail account on the Integrations page, and Calendly will automatically send new workflow emails from your Gmail address.

KB WorkflowsGmail 14MAY2021

For more information, see How to send Workflow emails from your Gmail account.

April 2021

Schedule Invitee Again update

We made it possible for you to add everyone from your booked event to a new event, all in one click. No need to search for or copy and paste participants' emails yourself. Now, just select Schedule Invitee Again on a booked event, and we automatically add both your invitees and additional guests’ emails to your new event. Easy.

Schedule Invitee Again

See your event type location right away

Calendly updated how we show the location for your one-on-one event types and group event types that only you host. When editing your event types, you can see your location right away, under What event is this? And if you haven’t set a location, we show you that too. No need to search.

For help with setting your location, see How to specify the event location.

Automatically add invitees' phone numbers to Workflow messages

Invitee Phone Number is now a variable you can add to any messages you send using Workflows. Now you can automatically add your invitees' phone numbers in messages to hosts as an easier way to directly reach out to invitees.

For more information, see Automate tasks with Workflows.

Automatically add your event location to workflow text messages

Location is now a variable you can add to any text messages you send using Workflows. You can make your text reminders more useful by automatically adding the web conferencing link, address, or phone number for your event.

For more information, see Send text messages with Workflows.

Add meeting notes to Workflow emails

Now you can create even more thorough email reminder to hosts, complete with internal meeting details. The Send Email to Host Workflow has a new Meeting Notes variable that will fill in any meeting notes saved to your Scheduled Events.

For more information, see Automate tasks with Workflows.

Condensed web conferencing details

Web conferencing details can get long. Whether you’re meeting over Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Microsoft Teams, most times you need less than 5% of the conferencing details you see. So Calendly condensed all those lines of detail down to a single link that you can open to see more.


Calendly for Slack

Calendly for Slack allows you to share your Calendly link in a channel or direct message without leaving Slack. Share event details with your invitees with an enhanced link experience so that the booking experience is seamless.

For more information, see Using the Calendly Slack app.

March 2021

Personal access tokens are available for authenticating to API

Create powerful internal automations by using personal access tokens to authenticate apps you build with Calendly. If you’re looking to let multiple Calendly users connect to your app, use OAuth.

Learn more

Show remaining spots for your group events

Maximize your group events by letting invitees see how many spots are left for each time slot you offer.

Simply edit your group event types and select the option to display remaining spots on your booking page.

Display remaining spots on booking page

For more information, see How to create a group event (with multiple invitees).

See when your Workflow messages have sent

Ensure your automated messages have been successfully sent with the Workflows timeline. Once you’ve set up Workflows and applied them to your event types, you can see a timeline in your Scheduled Events tab confirming when each Workflow message has sent before and after your events. You'll know your invitees received all your important messages for your event.

KB WorkflowsTimeline 14MAY2021

For more information, see See Workflow activity for scheduled events with Timeline.

Clone Workflows to set up new Workflows faster

KB CloneWorkflows 14MAY2021

Create a new Workflow without going through extensive setup. If you want to create a Workflow similar to one you've already customized, but don't want to start from scratch, you can clone a Workflow. Find a Workflow in your list, select the menu icon, then select Clone.

For more information, see How to clone an existing workflow.

January 2021

Automate text message to invitees with Workflows

Save time and automate all the booking confirmations, reminders, and follow-up text messages you send to invitees with @orkflows. Send text to invitee is now available as a Workflow action you can schedule to happen any time before or after your events. You can also explore ready-made text Workflows, with common message templates pre-set for easy use with your events.

For more information, see Send text messages with Workflows.

December 2020

Define a schedule to indicate when you're typically available then use it with multiple event types

Introducing Schedules, the easy way to specify your working hours and other times you're available for one or more event types. 

  • To create and manage schedules, just click Availability at the top of any Calendly page.

  • When you update your schedule, it updates every event type you associate with it.

  • Create as many schedules as you want.

  • If you don't want to use a schedule, just define custom hours for an event type. 

Don’t worry, this new feature doesn't change how you've set up your existing event types. Schedules aren't available for round robin and collective events.

For more information, see Schedules and defining your availabilitySchedules and defining your availability.

Tax exemption now live!

Now you can submit your tax exemption documentation online for your Calendly account. Upload your documentation during checkout or on your Billing page if you already have a paid subscription. Be sure to check your business email for more information if:

  • Your paid subscription renews within the next 30 days, or

  • You've already reached out to support about your organization's tax exempt status

For more information, see Sales tax and your Calendly subscription.

Share changed event information with Mailchimp

mailchimp icon 130881 sm[right]

Calendly now adds or updates information about a contact in Mailchimp's activity feed as events are changed, canceled, or rescheduled. This helps you create more complex workflows with Mailchimp's workflow builder.

For more information, see Integrating Mailchimp with Calendly.

October 2020

Share event type templates with your organization

If you're a member of an organization and want to share or standardize event type settings, create shared event type templates (previously only organization account administrators could do this).

Event templates you can now share include:

  • Collective (co-hosted), where you host an event with one or more team members and invitees pick a time when you’re all available. These are great for groups who meet regularly with clients and want to make sure everyone is available at the same time.

  • Round robin, where invitees can book with one of several hosts who are available. These are great for groups that rotate assignments as sales meetings.

For more information, see Setting up and managing shared event types.

One-off meetings, the quickest way to get booked

Quickly set up meetings with minimal settings from your web browser.

For more information, see How to set up a one-off meeting from your web browser.

Automatically create events in Mailchimp contacts

To help you create more complex workflows, Calendly now automatically creates events in Mailchimp contacts.

For more information about using Mailchimp with Calendly, see Integrating Mailchimp with Calendly.

Microsoft Teams is now an event location

KB Microsoft teams[right]

Connect Microsoft Teams to Calendly to offer Teams as a location for your event. To prevent unwanted access, we automatically add a unique Teams meeting ID as events get booked.

For more information, see Integrating Microsoft Teams with Calendly.

September 2020

Automate your work with Workflows

Use Workflows to automatically send messages to invitees or a host:

  • at a time you specify before or after an event,

  • when an event starts, or

  • when it ends or is canceled. 

Create one Workflow and use it to automate tasks for one or more event types. Workflows also help you standardize scheduling without having to individually configure each event type.

If you're an organization account administrator and you only want other administrators and owners to create Workflows, you can disable Workflows for individual team members.

For more information, see Automate tasks with WorkflowsAutomate tasks with Workflows.

Calendly iOS mobile app update

To help you see and manage event types that you disabled, you can now see and re-enable them on your event types screen.

KB iOS app disabled event types update

For more information, see Using Calendly mobile apps for iOS and Android.

August 2020

Calendly for Chrome and Firefox improvements

A new event type design makes it easier for you to copy links and add times to messages from your browser. To create and edit event types, just click the up arrow to quickly display the Calendly website where you can make your changes.

KB Chrome Firefox event types

For more information, see Adding Calendly to your web browser.

Receive unwanted or spam bookings?

If you get scheduled events that you don't want or receive spam email related to Calendly, let us know. Instead of just canceling the event, just report the it as unwanted or malicious so we can help prevent future problems.

KB safety reporting

July 2020

Calendly's Android app is improved

We made it easier for you to change the name, duration, and scheduling link and then send links on Android. An improved scheduled events screen now shows your past events.

KB Android app event types update

For more information, see Using Calendly mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Sales tax for U.S. customers

If you're a U.S.-based Calendly subscriber, you'll be asked to provide your ZIP code so we can determine if sales tax should be included in your Calendly subscription. Look for a banner at the top of your billing and home pages asking you to provide your ZIP code.

For more information, see Sales tax and your Calendly subscription.

Download your members list

If you're an account administrator or owner of an organization account, you can download a list of active and pending team members in CSV (comma separated values) format. You can also see if members have connected calendars to Calendly.

For more information, see How to export a list of team members for an account.

Jun 2020

New rolling days scheduling option

When you set up event types, you allow invitees to book rolling days.

Def. rolling days a fixed number of days into the future that invitees can book with you. For example, if you select “5 rolling days”, invitees see available times up to 5 days from the current date.

KB PayPal logo

Pay your Calendly subscription with PayPal

Use PayPal to pay your Calendly subscription.

For more information, see Integrating PayPal with Calendly.

New filter for Super Admin

Calendly's Super Admin application now allows you to filter for hooks that enable lookup by user_id and email.

Calendly for iOS 1.1.3 update

To more clearly display event types and make sharing links easier, we improved the event types screen. Also, help you more quickly decide which event type to share, see a brief summary of your availability for each event type.

For more information, see Using Calendly mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Round robin performance improvement

We improved the performance of round robin event types that use the Equal Distribution option and involve more than 20 attendees.

For more information, see Setting up and managing shared event typesSetting up and managing shared event types.