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Your time is in high demand, don’t need to spend it exchanging emails

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Calendly simplifies balancing multiple roles and responsibilities by putting scheduling on autopilot—managing your full schedule has never been easier.

Use these proven pro tips to easily connect with others

  1. Manage external relationships. Whether you’re meeting with clients, vendors, candidates, employees, influencers, or partners, include your personalized scheduling link in an email. Quickly add time slots emails with the Calendly for Chrome or Firefox extensions.

    See: Adding Calendly to your web browser

  2. Offer “office hours” for various types of people. Specify times when you’re available to meet for each type of event. Then share the link to that event type with the people you want to meet with during those hours.

  3. Limit access to your schedule. If your time is in high demand, you have to be more conscious of who has access to schedule with you and when. Have some public-facing links and some private; it’s totally up to you!

    See: How to set up a secret event

  4. Interact with invitees, no matter where they are. Easily meet with everyone from clients to candidates, no matter where they are in the world by integrating Calendly with GoToMeeting, Zoom, join.me, WebEx, and other conferencing apps.

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  5. Automate to accomplish more. Set up email or text reminders to reduce no-shows and provide event information like the location or web conferencing link. Use buffers to add extra time before or after an event and use daily limits to cap how many events you offer daily.