Interview scheduling[right]

Interview quickly before the best candidates get snatched up

Set up a Calendly event type for a position to Interview with one individual or multiple team members. We help you secure talent and collect valuable feedback in record time.

Use these proven pro tips to deliver an optimal interview scheduling experience

  1. Speed recruitment. Offer candidates the opportunity to schedule as soon as they’re interested. Just share the link for the position’s event type and let candidates select an available time.

  2. Customize interviews according to your workflow. Create different event types for each phase of the interview process—like the initial phone screen with a recruiter, the first face-to-face with the hiring manager, and reference calls. Easy provide next steps and interview details by customizing the notifications you send to candidates.

  3. Track your recruiting and hiring metrics. Use Calendly reports to view your past or upcoming interviews, track reschedules and cancellations, or view your team’s progress in the recruiting process. This is a great way to keep a pulse on metrics like conversion rates, time-to-interview and time-to-hire.