Integrating Zoom with Calendly


Automatically add Zoom videoconference as a location option for your event types

When your invitees book an event, they'll receive a link to join you in a Zoom session at the time they've booked with you.

If you're a member of a team, connect your Zoom account to Calendly so you can offer Zoom as a location for team event types.

When someone on your team sets up collective event types, one team member is designated as the “organizer” -- the meeting will be hosted using their Zoom account. You can re-assign the organizer role to any team member who has integrated their Zoom account with Calendly.

Secure your Zoom videoconference with a unique password

To secure your Zoom events so that uninvited people can't attend, have Calendly add a unique Zoom password to the invitation that all attendees must use to join the event. 

Passwords are unique to each session and can't be used to access other events.

How to use your Zoom Personal Meeting ID for all Calendly meetings

If you prefer to use your Zoom Personal Meeting ID for all scheduled meetings instead of a unique meeting link being automatically generated per scheduled Calendly meeting, you can enable Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting in your Zoom account settings on the web. 

To use your Personal Meeting ID for all scheduled meetings, log in and view your Zoom account settings, then switch on the Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting button.

HCzoom pmi

Note: Because the meeting link will be the same for all scheduled meetings, using your Zoom Personal Meeting ID may cause back-to-back scheduled meetings to overlap and participants from two separate meetings to be on the same call. Since Participants will have access to your Personal Meeting ID, they'll be able to "pop into" meetings in the future at anytime.