Integrating Stripe with Calendly

Save time and reduce no-shows

Connect your Stripe account to Calendly so invitees can submit payments as they book with you.

If you use team event types, connect Stripe to your team owner’s Stripe account.

Collect payments for multiple currencies

  • United States dollar (USD)

  • Australian dollar (AUD)

  • Canadian dollar (CAD)

  • Euro (EUR)

  • Pound Sterling (GBP)

Managing payment information, refunds, and cancellations

By default, invitees enter their credit card number and expiration date to use Stripe. If you want to require other fields, update your settings in Stripe.

If you need to refund an invitee’s payment, ask for a refund on the Stripe website. Calendly will direct your invitees to contact you regarding any payments they submit on your scheduling page.

For the best customer experience, if you want to prevent invitees from cancelling events, add your cancellation policy to your scheduling page. For more information, see How to prevent cancellations or add your cancellation policy.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)  

Calendly complies with the 3D Secure to Stripe and Payment Services Directive (PSD2) regulations implemented by the European Parliament.

If you and your invitee are in the EU, your invitee will be asked to complete a two-factor authentication to authorize the Stripe payment.