How to create a team

Before you begin...

  • To create a team, you must be an admin or an account owner

  • The people you add to the team must already be invited or added to your account

To create a team

  1. From your Calendly Home page, select Create.

  2. Select New Team.

  3. At Team Name, enter the name you want to appear on the team's booking pages and on team members' home and scheduled events pages.

  4. To customize the link invitees use to book team events, create a new one at Team Page.

  5. At Welcome Message enter the message you want invitees to see on the team's booking page.

  6. To add Team Members, enter the name or email of new members, then select the member to add.

  7. To add a team image, select Choose File, select the image, and select Open.

  8. To set a default time zone for the team, select one at Time Zone.

  9. Select Create.