How to create a group event (with multiple invitees)

Use this procedure to create a new type of event that allows multiple invitees to book with you.

Before you start...

If you:

  • plan to use an online meeting platform, such as Zoom or GoToMeeting, first Integrating Calendly with other applications so your guests can join the meeting from their calendar invitation.

  • have a free Basic Calendly subscription, you can only have one event type. With a paid subscription, you can create as many as you'd like.

To create a group event type

  1. From the Calendly Home page, select New Event Type.

  2. Select Create next to the group event type.

  3. At Event name, enter a name for the event. The name will appear on your personal scheduling page.

  4. At Location, indicate where the meeting will be held.

  5. At Maximum number of invitee spots, enter the maximum number of invitees allowed to book this event per time slot.

  6. (Optional) To let invitees see the number of spots left for each time slot, select Display remaining spots on booking page.

  7. Select Next.

  8. At Event Duration, choose the length of the event.

    Note: once an invitee books a meeting using a group event type, the duration for that event type is locked and cannot be updated. We suggest cloning the event type or creating a new event type and editing the duration.

  9. At Date Range, indicate how far into the future guests can book with you.

  10. To specify when you're available, select a date then enter the hours you're typically available. To:
    - specify two or more blocks of time, select New Interval and enter the beginning and ending times.
    - block an entire day, select I'm not available.

  11. To use the same settings for:
    - The same day of the week each week, select Apply to all...- Specific dates, select Or apply to multiple... then specific dates. Choose days on the calendar, then select Apply.
    - Various week days, select repeating days of the week, select the days, then select Apply.

  12. Select Next.

If an invitee has multiple guests, each guest will need to confirm the same date and time to be counted toward the number of maximum invitees.

Edit the invitee limit for a group event

If a scheduled group event reaches the invitee limit, visit the Scheduled Events tab on your Home page to allow more people to sign up. Remove or reschedule someone who is already attending, or increase the limit for this specific event. 
To update the invitee limit for meetings scheduled moving forward, open the group event from your Event Types tab on your Home page and visit the What event is this? section. Enter the maximum number of invitee spots you want to offer for the event.


You can also choose to display remaining spots so invitees can see the number of spots left for each time slot on the event booking page.