How to set up an event type with multiple hosts (collective)

Use this procedure to create a collective event type where two or more people host an event.

To create a collective event type for a Setting up and managing a team:

  1. From your Home page, find the team you’d like to create an event for.

  2. Next to the corresponding team, select New Event Type.

To create a collective event type outside of a team:

  1. From your Home page, select Create.

  2. Select Event Type.

  3. Underneath Collective, select Choose Collective.

  4. Enter an Event name and optionally a Description for your invitees. Then select Next.

  5. Select a preset Duration for the event or enter your own.

  6. At Date Range, click Edit and select the number of days in the future that invitees can book this type of event. You can also edit the time zone for this event by selecting Edit underneath Edit Time Zone. Time zones for shared event types behave the same as time zones for individual event types.

  7. (Optional) On the calendar, set the time frame for when you and other team members are accepting meetings for this type of event. (Note: we already block times marked as “busy” in the calendars that you and your team members have connected to Calendly.)

  8. Select Next.

  9. At Team Members & Location, set where the meeting will be held. Choose from an online meeting app you already connected to Calendly or enter a location description.

  10. If needed, remove team members by selected the checkbox next to the team member’s name. Select Next.

  11. To see your event type scheduling page for the event, click view live page.