How to change or reschedule future events

If you are the host of the scheduled event, use this procedure to cancel or reschedule an event.

Tip: Want to reschedule, but aren't sure of your invitee's availability? You can:

  • cancel the original event and re-share your Calendly link in the cancellation message so your invitee can reschedule, or

  • inform your invitee that they can cancel or reschedule at any time from their confirmation email or by declining the calendar invitation.

To change or reschedule a future event:

  1. From your Home page, select Scheduled Events.

  2. Locate the event you want to edit.

  3. Select Details.

  4. To cancel the event, select Cancel. (Note: you can add a short message to include in the email notification that Calendly sends to the invitee.)

  5. To reschedule the event, select Reschedule. Once a new time is confirmed, you and your invitee will be notified of the changes.

Edit the invitee limit for a group event

If a scheduled group event reaches the invitee limit, visit the Scheduled Events tab on your Home page to allow more people to sign up. Remove or reschedule someone who is already attending, or increase the limit for this specific event. 
To update the invitee limit for meetings scheduled moving forward, open the group event from your Event Types tab on your Home page and visit the What event is this? section. Enter the maximum number of invitee spots you want to offer for the event.


You can also choose to display remaining spots so invitees can see the number of spots left for each time slot on the event booking page.