How to assign shifts to team members

Account owners or admins can use this procedure to assign shifts to team members within team event types.

  1. From your Calendly Home page, select the event you would like to edit.

  2. Select When can people book this event? to expand the section.

  3. Under Availability select the day to which you would like to add shifts.

  4. You can create shifts with intervals. In the From and To boxes, enter your first shift. To add additional shifts, select New Interval.

    Note: Intervals can't overlap. When multiple team members' shifts fall within the same timeframe, you'll need to create an interval for that timeframe with those team members. For example:

    Interval 1 is the first team member’s shift
    Interval 2 is the first and last team member’s shift

    Interval 3 is the second and last team member’s shift

    Interval 4 is the second team member’s shift

  5. Once all your intervals are set, you can apply the intervals:

    • to the specific date selected,

    • to the specific day selected,

    • or to multiple dates or days of the week.

  6. Select Save & Close.