How to add questions to your event scheduling page

By default, Calendly asks each invitee for their name and email address when they schedule with you. You can add more questions to collect important information from your invitee like:

  • dietary restrictions

  • whether or not parking validation is needed

  • consent to include them in a mailing list or to agree to your policies

To add questions to your booking page

  1. From your Home page, select the event type you would like to add additional invitee questions to.

  2. Select Invitee Questions.

  3. Select Add New Question.

  4. Enter your Question.

  5. If you want to require invitees to answer, select Required.

  6. At Answer Type select the type of answer.

  7. If you chose Radio Buttons, One/Multiple line Free Response, or Checkboxes, enter the answers you want invitees to choose from.

  8. To add more than 2 answers, select Add another and enter another answer.

  9. Select Include "other option" so invitees can select "other" if none of your pre-defined answers works for them.

  10. Select Apply then select Save & Close.

To edit or remove a question

  1. Hold your mouse over over the question you want to edit or remove, then click the pencil icon.

  2. To change the order of your questions, select the arrows to the left of the question and drag it where you’d like it to be. (Note that this can only be done with multiple added questions. The name and email fields cannot be moved.)

  3. To edit the question, change the question then select Apply.

  4. To delete the question, select Delete Question (deleting a question cannot be undone).

  5. To temporarily disable a question, tap the ON button once and it will change to OFF. This temporarily removes the question from your event scheduling page.

To find invitee answers after the event has been scheduled

  1. On your home page select Scheduled Events.

  2. Select Details next to the event to see the invitee's answers.