How to add Calendly to your Squarespace site

Before you begin...

  • Make sure you have a Squarespace Business Plan.

  • Know that adding Calendly may affect your site's appearance

To add Calendly in your Squarespace site

  1. Sign in to Squarespace and go to the page you want to edit.

  2. Hover over page content and select Edit.

  3. Select + to add a block to the page.

  4. On your Calendly home page:
    - Select the Share icon on the event type you want to add to your Squarespace page.
    - Select Add to website.
    - Choose the way you want to add Calendly to your site:
    - Inline Embed: adds Calendly scheduling into a page on your website
    - Popup Widget: adds a floating button that users can select anywhere on your site to use Calendly scheduling
    - Popup Text: adds a link to your site that users can select to use Calendly scheduling

  5. In Squarespace, select Code and paste the code snippet you copied from Calendly, then select Apply.

Note: If you experience performance issues after adding Calendly, you may need to disable Ajax. Read more about this issue, or contact us for assistance.