How to add Calendly to a Google site

  1. Open your website in a text or site editor.

  2. Select Insert and choose the Embed tool.

  3. Enter the link to your Calendly landing page, event type, or team page.

  4. Select the embedded section and drag to change its location or expand the size to fit. 

  5. Select Preview to view your completed site.

  6. Add hyperlinks and buttons:

    - To add images or text that link to your scheduling page, select Insert.

    - To add a link to an image, select it and select the hyperlink icon and add your Calendly link or a link to a specific event type, then select Apply.

    - To add a link to text, select the text box, highlight the text, select the hyperlink icon, add your Calendly link, then select Apply.

    - To add a button, select Insert, then select Button. At Name, enter the button text. At Link, enter your Calendly URL and select Insert.