Freelancers + consultants

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Manage a full schedule while focusing on your top priorities.

Reduce email traffic by automating how you schedule appointments and never double-book or miss a meeting again.

Deliver an optimal client experience

  1. Eliminate drop-off. After a prospect completes your inquiry form, automatically direct them to your Calendly scheduling site to schedule at their height of their interest. Use Calendly as the call-to-action in campaigns and emails to empower prospects to schedule.

  2. Improve client satisfaction and retention. Allow clients to schedule quickly, add Calendly scheduling to your website, your Calendly link to emails, or to your browser to quickly invite high-priority clients. Communicate with clients remotely using GoToMeeting and other web conferencing applications. Never worry about miscommunicating across time zones with Calendly’s automatic time zone detection.

    Adding Calendly to your website
    How to locate and share a link to a specific type of event
    How to add Calendly to your Chrome browser 
    How to add Calendly to your Firefox browser
    Integrating Calendly with other applications

  1. Collect payments and reduce no-shows. Integrate Calendly with Stripe or PayPal so clients can pay when they schedule.

    Integrating Stripe with Calendly 
    Integrating PayPal with Calendly 

  2. Automate tasks to accomplish more. Set up email or text reminders to reduce no-shows and provide event information like the location or web conferencing. Add extra time before or after an event (buffers) and use daily limits to cap how many meetings you take per day.

    Automatically send notifications before and after events
    How to add extra time before or after events (buffers)
    How to limit the number of events booked daily