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Keep the focus on learning, instead of coordinating schedules

Streamline everything from advising and tutoring to admissions interviews and tours.

Deliver an optimal education experience

Higher education
  1. Set up your office hours in Calendly so students can schedule when you’re available and at the times you want.

  2. Make is easy for students to schedule with you. Share your scheduling link in your syllabus, email signature, on your contact page, or allow them to schedule on your website.

  3. Coordinate events with your assistant. If you have a teaching assistant, set up Calendly so students can only choose times when you're both available. If students only need to meet with one of you, schedule in shifts so that students get the most opportunities to receive guidance and feedback.

  4. Speed up the admissions cycle. Add your admissions team to Calendly and assign applicants to interviewers or schedule for them. Create a group event exclusively for admissions tours, so multiple people can sign up for the same time slot. 

  5. Streamline tutoring and mentoring. Schedule your staff in shifts or automatically assign staff to students as they schedule. Embed your tutoring or mentoring event on your website, or use a team scheduling page so students can select their session based on the subject.

K-12 education
  1. Offer quick and convenient parent-teacher conferencing, no more calls during school hours to arrange sessions. Set a minimum scheduling notice so you have time to prepare before last minute sessions. Set daily limits to avoid having too many events in a day. Add time before or after events (buffers) to make sure sessions don’t overlap.

  2. Include important faculty and staff in meetings. Have times when parents or students need to meet with other staff members like an administrator, counselor, or behavior specialist? Just add multiple staff members to your meetings.

  3. Schedule classroom resource teachers (ITRT) with ease and flexibility. If your ITRT serves multiple schools in a district, set up separate events for each school and specify your availability for the day they’re assigned to visit. Add custom questions to your scheduling page to collect information from teachers so the technology instructor knows exactly what the teacher needs help with and what supplies to bring.