Customizing your scheduling page

Customize your landing page and event-specific scheduling pages

Your landing page is where all of your active events are located. This is what visitors see when they click your Calendly link (e.g.

KB Customize Your Scheduling Page Aug2020[left]

On your landing page, you can remove the Calendly icon (1) and add your:

  • avatar (2)

  • name (3)

  • welcome message (4)

What you can customize on your event scheduling page

Your event scheduling page is what an invitee sees when they select an event from your landing page, or select an event-specific link (e.g.


Here you can remove the Calendly logo (1) and add:

  • logo (by default, we show nothing) (2)

  • event type description and instructions (3)

  • time zone (4)


Personalize your account

Set all your preferences just how you like and do Calendly your way.