Customizing your invitee’s experience

Reduce no-shows with reminders

Set up an event type that automatically sends email or text reminders minutes, hours, or days before your event starts (we send text messages from a Calendly phone number to the number your invitees provide during scheduling).


  • If you disable follow-up emails, we immediately stop sending them.

  • Calendly doesn't send calendar invitations for group events.

  • Invitees can unsubscribe by replying "STOP".

Hide your personal email (no-reply email address)

Your invitees can respond to the email confirmations that Calendly sends. If you don’t want them to reply, use a "no-reply email address" so they can’t respond. 

Personalize reminders and follow-up email messages

With a paid Calendly Premium subscription, you can personalize reminders and follow-up emails to change the title, subject, and message body. With a paid Pro subscription you can also personalize email and text messages. 

Calendly provides a collection of variables you can use to insert values that are specific to your invitee or the event. These values come from the event details or from custom questions that invitees answer. 

Note: while you can customize text messages, you can’t change the phone number from which it's sent or add line breaks or extra spaces to the message.

Customize your scheduling site

You can change the appearance of the landing page that invitees use to book time with you and:

  • KB Custom landing page

    remove the Calendly logo (Calendly Premium and Pro subscriptions only)

  • add your company's logo

  • add an avatar (representation of yourself)

  • KB Custom Scheduling page

    change the name, welcome message, language, and time zone that displays on pages where invitees book time