Automatically send notifications before and after events

Sending invitations and confirmations

When invitees schedule with you, Calendly automatically sends a confirmation email that contains a link invitees can use to add the event to their calendars. 

If you connect Calendly with a Google, Office 365, or calendar, Calendly sends an invitation from your calendar application that automatically adds the event to both your calendars. 

If you change event details on your calendar, Calendly automatically updates your invitee's calendar accordingly.


  • If you connect Calendly to the iCloud or Outlook plug-in, or if you didn't connect a calendar at all, you can still send email confirmations.

  • Calendly doesn't send calendar invitations for group events.

  • If your invitee responds to a confirmation email, you'll receive the message at the email address that you use to log into your Calendly account.

  • If your invitee responds to a calendar invitation, you'll receive the message at the email address associated with your connected calendar.

  • If you update a reminder on an event type, those changes will not be applied to any meetings that were booked prior to the update. Only newly-booked meetings will reflect the new changes.

Hide your personal email (no-reply email address)

Normally Calendly sends notifications using the email address that's associated with a calendar you connect to Calendly. You can choose to use a "no-reply email address" and hide your personal email; Calendly then uses "" as the return address on notifications.


Personalize email and text messages and reminders

If you have a paid Calendly Premium subscription, you can personalize email messages to change the title, subject, and message body.

If you have a paid Calendly Pro subscription, you can also personalize text messages. We provide a collection of variables that insert information from custom questions you add to your booking form. For more information about custom questions, see How to add questions to your event scheduling page.

Reduce no-shows with reminders

You can send one or more reminder emails and/or text messages to invitees days, hours, or minutes before the event starts. Calendly sends text messages from a Calendly number to the phone number that your invitees provide during scheduling. Invitees can unsubscribe by replying "STOP".

If you have a paid Calendly Pro subscription, you can send unlimited text reminders without additional charges.

Send follow-up emails

Send customized follow-up emails, minutes, hours, or days after the event ends. If you disable follow-up emails, we'll immediately stop sending them. 

Automatically send notifications for cancel events

If you cancel an event, Calendly automatically notifies your invitee. Add your cancellation policy to let invitees know if and when they can change events. Your policy will be included in any email notifications your invitees receive.

Prevent rescheduling

Email notifications, by default, include links that allow invitees to cancel or reschedule events. You can remove these links so invitees can't change an event.