Adding Calendly to your web browser

Add Calendly to your Firefox or Chrome web browser toolbar to:

  • share your scheduling links

  • choose time slots to offer to an invitee

  • add a note to an event type that only you or your team can see


Using Calendly from Firefox


Using Calendly from Chrome

As a Gmail user, when you add Calendly to Chrome or Firefox you’ll also see the Calendly icon at the bottom of your Gmail window. From there, you can share your links and time slots as you write and send messages with Gmail. Also, you can add the Chrome extension to your Edge browser as well.

Highlight your favorite event types

To find your favorite event types, select the star next to an event type to "favorite" it and add it to your Starred list.

Set up events without event types (ad hoc meetings)

When you need to invite someone for a meeting, but don't have an appropriate event type already set up, use ad hoc meetings instead. Select the time slots you prefer. Calendly then copies those times to your clipboard so you can paste them into an email. Once your invitee selects a time, the invitation link is no longer valid.

If you're a member of a team, you can also create ad hoc meeting invitations that include multiple team members.