Account management + Customer Success

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We take the work out of connecting so you can accomplish more

Keep customer satisfaction high and churn low by connecting with customers during key phases of their journey such as onboarding, status calls, upgrade discussions, or renewal check-ins.

Deliver optimal customer experiences

  1. Onboard customers more efficiently by allowing them to easily sign up for a one-on-one session or encourage multiple customers to sign up for a group event.

    See How to create a group event (with multiple invitees).

  2. Share resources with customers ahead of onboarding from your confirmation page so you can make the most of your time with them.

    See How to customize an event confirmation page

  3. Host group events to deliver customer education.

    See How to create a group event (with multiple invitees)

  4. Add Calendly scheduling on your website to make scheduling easy for prospects.

    See Adding Calendly to your website

  5. Deliver quality support to more customers as a team. Automatically assign team members to host events, such as a support specialist or account manager.

    See How to set up an event type that automatically assigns a host (round robin) .

  6. Integrate with your CRM to free up account managers. Eliminate unnecessary data entry, Calendly can share customer details with Salesforce as meetings are scheduled.

    See Integrating Salesforce with Calendly

    Integrate with Zapier to connect with many other CRM platforms.

    See Integrating Zapier with Calendly